Mike Finster plays the weekend at US Senior Open!

Technically it’s true.  Play was suspended due to weather and Mike had 17 and 18 to finish.   So he’ll be back at it at 6:45 a.m. Saturday to complete his second round, but that will likely be it.  Mike’s at +5 and the projected cut line is +1.

Congrats to Mike for participating in his third US Senior Open.  After 16 holes Friday, gathering with friends and family to celebrate.

IMG_7172 (1)


Earlier in the day . . . .




Mike and Sal.  Don’t you people have homes?


Some scenes from early Saturday a.m., finishing up with a par and a bogey.



Thanks Mike for being an inspiration to us all.  You are truly “living the dream” and showing how to do it with class and dignity.  Hope to walk with you next year in Denver.