Friday at the US Senior Open

Good news is that Mike Finster is in a good position to make the cut and play the weekend if he plays well today.  Bad news is that a lot of other guys are in the same situation.  More good news is that Mike tees off at 2:40, so he’ll have the goal in sight and a good idea of what he needs to shoot to advance.  Won’t be any waiting around tonight.  Either early to bed for an early tee time, or wrap up dinner with friends and family.  Over the last 2 years, Mike has had one of each–I think he prefers the Saturday tee time.

Warming up along side Senior Tour royalty Bernhard Langer.  And I think that’s Vijay next to him.  Mike has on his lucky Northwestern shirt today–good omen.



Front nine in the books.  Another +1 trip out, so +3 for the tourney.  Current projected cut is +2.


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