Mike Finster Champion’s Dinner

Friday night the group got together for dinner one last time. Actually, Mike L. and Sal got together a little earlier at the bar with their Uber driver, who by the time he left needed to call himself an Uber driver.  And the Uber driver is playing golf Saturday with three folks in our party, but that’s another story.  Columbus sure is a friendly place.

Anyhoo, we had a really nice dinner at a fancy steakhouse where they name their meat after local sports legends and former Gator coaches who will rot in hell:



And then we toasted Mike, and also made fun of his horrible short game and various double and triple bogeys, and laughed a lot.



And then they brought Mike a cake, and his caddie handed him a knife to cut it.  (Anything but a wedge.)



At one point Mike got a text from the  USGA informing him that Saturday tee times had been posted.  Someone replied for Mike:



Next year, Salem, Mass.




Round 2 wrapup at the US Senior Open

No disrespect to Scioto Country Club, or the USGA, or anybody at all in the whole wide world, but Mike Finster’s first words coming off the last hole today were:  “I’m glad I don’t have to play this course two more days.”  And he won’t.  Unlike last year, Mike won’t play the weekend.  Sophomore jinx got him, along with rough, rough, trees and tough greens.  And a bit of wind.

Here’s a great example of how tough it was.  Mike made several sandy pars–his sand game was great, combined with some timely putting.   But this was a side hill lie, short sided, no green to work with.


This led to a double or a triple– don’t remember.  Mike’s scorecard today was, uh, colorful:


Made 3 birdies on the front (which was his back-he started on 10 remember) and had this good look at eagle on 6 that barely  missed.

Mike’s fans in the stands.  We did the wave.  Once.  Frowned upon at USGA event.


Big thrill at the end.  9th green (Mike’s last hole) was abutting 1 tee and legend Vijay Singh was teeing off to start his round (Mike’s playing partner nearly killed someone in his large crowd with his shot into 9).   Got to see big Veej hit his opening shot before Mike got up and down for par.  But everybody watches when Vijay hits (he sliced into the trees).



At the end everybody hugged and shook hands and said “Whew. I need a beer.”

And so do I.  See everybody next year.

My boy John . . . . Proudly patronizing his new employer.

Mike Finster Round One Wrap Up

It was a tough day at Scioto.  Mike shot 79, and really from a spectator’s point of view it looked like every hole was hard.  Narrow, deep rough, tough greens.  Windy most of the day.  But all had a good time, and Mike’s group–which was combined 40 over par–was all smiles leaving the 18th green.  It was hard golf–but it was golf, and it was fun.

Mike had 2 great partners this day–MB, who cheered him on . . . .


And his trusted caddie English Mike, who pointed the way all day “No no it’s this way Mike.”


Mikes hit some great shots.


Made a couple birdies . . .


Hit a couple into his crowd of adoring fans . . .


Speaking of which, we endured near Batann Death March conditions–miles of lush grass, water that was sometimes a little tepid, purple Gatorade (prefer a primary color) and AC in the hospitality tent that was way too cold after the 90 degree heat.  But we fought through it.


So tomorrow is a new day–9:15 a.m. Tee time.  Will check in then.





Mike Finster day 1 scoring at US Senior Open


Mike’s gallery waiting to head out.

Watch this space starting Thurs 2:45 for scores and comments.

1:30–pregame lunch with the big man John Dalyimage


Got to see the Golden Bear arrive at the course he grew up on.


2:45–big drive down middle and we are off.  Approach to middle of green.  2 putt par.

Bogey 2 after tee shot in rough.

Rough on three, birdie lips out.

sandy par on 4.

Big par on tough no. 4

Par 5 no. 6–par.  Sunny but windy–storms in area.

Bogey 7

Battery dying.  Will update more later.




Weather prayers please for Columbus, Ohio and vicinity.

Ok, we need some weather prayers.  Rarely do you see 100% chance of rain, but all the lying weather folks agree on this one for Saturday and Sunday.  So please, pray–calm and dry weather.

  • Thursday 08/11
    88° | 74°
    Chance of a Thunderstorm
    Chance of a Thunderstorm
    60% / 0.31 in
  • Friday 08/12
    87° | 74°
    Chance of a Thunderstorm
    Chance of a Thunderstorm
    60% / 0.45 in
  • Saturday 08/13
    84° | 71°
    100% / 1.45 in
  • Sunday 08/14
    81° | 68°
    100% / 1 in

The day before it all starts

According to Marybeth, had some fun today getting ready for the real deal.  Mike signed at least one autograph, let a kid from the gallery hit a shot from the rough, and rolled a ball to a delighted little one.

Day started with spying on former champ and multiple major winner Bernhard Langer at breakfast.

Then some time on range with legend Tom Watson.  “Hey Mike how can I hit it as far as you do?”    “Well Tom, first you have to grow a bigger belly.”  Tom is far left–Mike is on the right.  Not sure who guy in pink in middle is.

Then lunch with, oh I don’t know, major champion and Tiger buddy Mark O’Meara.


Check back tomorrow for real time scores from the course!